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Let’s talk Hallmark movies. Not their series shows like Chesapeake Shores or the one that takes place in the Pioneer Days. I do not watch these. They may be absolutely fantastic and I am really missing out, however I’m a purist when it comes to my formulaic romances. This means I like them all tied up in a neat little love knot by around the two-hour mark, and I don’t particularly need side stories concerning illiterate prairie children thrown in to muck up the barely discernable storylines....

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Love on Safari

Love On the Menu

Miss Christmas

Christmas Made to Order

Love, Romance, and Chocolate

Chance at Romance

Summer Villa

Winter Castle

A Brush With Love

True Love Blooms

Falling For You

Paris, Wine, and Romance

Love Under The Rainbow

My Favorite Wedding

Let It Snow

A Feeling Of Home

Mistletoe Inn

Just Add Romance

Love On The Air

Love To The Rescue

Bottled with Love

Rome In Love

Easter Under Wraps

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

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